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Address: 1370 Dell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

Photo of Nancy Howe

County Librarian
Nancy Howe  |  nhowe@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3001
Photo of Chris Brown
Deputy County Librarian, Community Library Development
Chris Brown  cbrown@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3002
Photo placeholder
Director of County Library Communication and Marketing
Diane Roche  |  droche@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3080
Photo of Chuck Griffen
Financial and Administrative Services Manager
Chuck Griffen  
|   cgriffen@sccl.org 
408-293-2326 ext. 3003
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Procurement Manager
Cindy Chow 
408-293-2326 ext. 3067
Photo of Sanjeev Singla
Information Systems Manager
Sanjeev Singla
  |  ssingla@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3051


Photo of Gail Mason
Library Services Manager, Adult and Teen Services
Gail Mason  gmason@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3020


Photo of Jennifer Weeks
Library Services Manager, Children's Services
Jennifer Weeks
  |  jweeks@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3010


No photo available
Library Services Manager: Public Technology, Virtual Library, & Cataloging
Allison Lew  |  alew@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3012
Photo of Dawn Valentine
Circulation Systems Supervisor
Dawn Valentine 
408-293-2326 ext. 3031
Photo Placeholder
Facilities Manager
Jeremiah George |  jgeorge@sccl.org
408-293-2326 ext. 3092